Hungry for Unconventional Ideas That Will Feed Your Mind?

Feast on Fresh Ideas in the guest room

10 January 2018

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  • Crave a space that stirs your emotions and serves unconventional ideas?
  • Relish discovering fresh ideas that prod and poke you to action?
  • Hunger to create real change with deliciously inventive solutions?

Welcome traveller.
Here you will find a certain kind of contributor. A menagerie of rare birds. Travellers in their own right, they willingly share their unique insight, knowledge and experience, and you are invited to connect with them. These beacons can light the path for your own journey onwards.

Meet an interesting cast of characters with fantastic stories; one foot planted in the ordinary and the other in the extraordinary. Their presence and work help make the world a brighter and better place.
Enter this reserved room and discover a welcome respite from the conventional thinking traditionally served elsewhere.

Come in, friends. I have rolled out the welcome mat to possibilities.

I know the road less travelled can be a dusty, solo slog.
Kick off your shoes. Stretch your weary legs. Wriggle your toes.
Ease into a room where the company is engaging. Re-energise your mojo.

Nourish your mind with generous servings of brain pokes that will inspire you to keep going.

Residents are a discerning lot; a collection of contributors if you will, who shun common concepts, accepted standards and popular aesthetics followed by the crowd.

Tarry a while and delight in your visit.
Power up your knowledge.
Recharge your spirit.
Plug into possibilities.

I am not trying to accommodate everyone and neither are our guests.

In decorating with distinct and diverse points of view, I have spared no expense in the guest room.

Feast on interesting food for thought and pick up an unconventional idea or two. They might spark a thought-provoking conversation, a good-natured debate or unexpected laughter.

So take your pick from fresh approaches and useful tips; add your own twist and be on your way.

Help yourself to heaps of inspiration and prompts to take action. Choose from a brilliant bounty of ideas you can steal and customise to make your own.

We are cooking up more brainpokes and delights in the guest room. the main course will be served soon.

Before you check out, dive in and fire up your spirit. 

Appetizers: Here are two truthful tales from guest contributors who passed through last year. Whet your appetite with these.

How to Recruit a Remote Team and Travel the World (with your family) by Sharni Marie Barney.

Why My Business is Like an Ungrateful Child (and yours might be too) by  Michelle George.

Please leave a note about your preview experience.
Recommend the guest room to friends and colleagues in your circle who would appreciate this space.

Until the next time…

I bid you adieu.
Your host,

Psst! This is your sneak peek of what I’m working on right now.

Hold on your hat! We are about to set out on an exciting new adventure down The HR Rabbit Hole.

Join a journey of exploration. I love learning from rule breakers stirring things up and causing a ruckus for the greater good. I am inspired by individuals who are carving their own path. I know you do too.

So I am building a dedicated space in The HR Rabbit Hole blog for guest contributors. Here they will share tales of their travels, lessons learnt and a few wise words to inspire you on your own journey.

This blog post is a taste of things to come.
Watch this space!


Of course, you are very welcome to share, use, and draw inspiration from any material posted. When doing so please let us continue to attribute, credit and honour the originators, creators or sources of the material as a mark of respect to their craft.

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The HR Rabbit Hole is a place to explore a different take on the usual, uncover fresh purpose and join in meaningful conversations about how to do more and better.

LEAVE A COMMENT and JOIN IN. See you down The HR Rabbit Hole.

2 thoughts on “Hungry for Unconventional Ideas That Will Feed Your Mind?

  1. Nichy

    Hi Nicole
    your all ideas are very best , and i am encourage by this post
    such a great article and awesome tips
    Thank you for sharing nice information
    Nichy 🙂

    1. nicoleg Post author

      Thank you Nichy! I am glad you enjoyed this post. Which of the tips and ideas resonated with you most? What are some of your unconventional ideas to feed your mind?


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