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Be Outstanding!

Here is a peek into some of the ways Aquarius HR can help you.  We can do bold or subtle custom-made Creative HR solutions for unique for your situation. Simply contact us with your specific request.

1. Creative HR Recruitment Power Pack with Knock Out Support

Our Creative HR Recruitment Power Pack delivers a left hook to your recruitment challenges. We are not put off or intimidated by the hiring challenges facing businesses today. We do recruitment differently to help you get knockout results.

Develop your organisation’s core strength with our top pick of services and tools.

  • Role specification design and customisation.
  • Copywriting content for recruitment ads and marketing messages.
  • Teasing out your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).
  • Access to our Super-Skills interview questions.
  • Custom-designed recruitment exercises and selection process to uncover contribution fit.
  • Purpose connector candidate interviewing for remarkable hiring results.
  • Get deep help from an interviewing pro.
  • Source an assessment team for large hiring events e.g. business launch or openings.

Contact us to pick your knock out recruitment support.

2. Business Opening: Zero to Launch

Aquarius’ approach is dedicated to the liberation of business owners from the HR-related chaos and the insanity than can threaten a successful opening.

What if we told you we had a plan to guide you past the pitfalls and perils of a launch?

Well we do! And we will share our know-how and experience with you.

Let’s work together to plot your path from zero to launch so that you can open confidently with the right team and HR systems in place.  With that done; you will be free to grow your business.

Pop over to our Case Studies page and read examples of successful launch assignments and our opening tales.

Contact us to discuss your launch plan.

3. Square Pegs Out of Round Holes: Coaching and Mentoring

Hello. Nicole here.

I pluck square pegs from round holes. I love this! That means that I help people get unstuck and start out on their path to cooking with gas!

  • Wanting to get that job, go freelance, start that business; but don’t know where to begin?
  • Needing to escape a toxic work environment where your skills are under-utilised and your brain is slowly rotting?
  • Needing to ramp up your impact and pivot professionally where you are?
  • Dreaming about making a change but don’t know how to turn a dream into a real-world plan?

Time to stop ‘wanting’, ‘needing’ and ‘dreaming’ and take the first step.

This is your invitation to get unstuck and start on your journey doing what makes your heart sing and bring peace to your mind.

Come on, step away from the hamster wheel. Let’s map out a plan that is specific to you, your goals, and your situation.

Let’s talk soon.

4. The HR Pro Mojo Booster

Hello HR pro. Nicole here. I see you.

Super busy outing fires. Caught up in delivering the daily HR operation. Organising development opportunities for everyone else with the exception of – YOU.

You are under pressure to magic creative solutions, rustle up fresh thinking to old approaches AND deliver stellar results. You really want to; but feel that you are spinning your wheels. This can end now. If you want it to.

I want to help you lead your HR in making a difference and creating remarkable value. But first you will need to stop juggling more nuts than a squirrel, build confidence, boost your know-how and bring a fresh creative approach to the usual HR.

Want to learn how you can make an impact? Connect with me.

5. HR Rule Breaker Speaker

Do you want an HR Rule Breaker to speak at your next event?  Yes, that’s me – Nicole.

  • Conference speaker or facilitator
  • HR practitioner speaker
  • Podcast guest
  • Employee / organisation events.
  • Ruckus-maker for hire.

Great! I’d be thrilled to collaborate with you on a unique talk or contribution for your event or community.

I speak about Creative HR and the why the time is NOW to put the ‘human’ before the ‘resources’ to connect with your employee community to grow your business and pull the HR discipline back from the brink of extinction (dramatic, I know!).  I am personally invested in this mission that I built my company, Aquarius Human Resources Consulting Ltd, on these creative and human-centric pillars.You can get a taste of this uncommonly creative approach to HR here in  The HR Rabbit Hole blog.

As a curious, creative and cross-discipline adventurer, I am willing and more than happy to add my 6 pence to meaningful dialogue beyond the usual HR topics about cultivating more creativity in business.

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