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1 Easy Way to Quickly Recharge Your Mojo Even on the Craziest Days

It’s easy to get hoodwinked into squandering your time on energy sucking busy work. It’s easy to get distracted by […]

Square Peg in a Round Hole

10 Creative Change-Maker Quotes To Inspire You to Think Differently

I had a hellacious time slogging through last week. I am trying to block out the awful meeting. I witnessed […]

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2 MORE Attention-Grabbing Candidate Attraction Tips

0.10 second What is the significance of this time? Why should you care? No, it is not Usain Bolt’s reaction time […]

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21 Caribbean Proverbs to Inspire Your Inner Leader to Shine

What pops in your mind when you think of the Caribbean? Laying on a beach from sunrise to sunset with […]

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25 Unexpected Questions to Help You Interview for Rare Value

Last week in The HR Rabbit Hole you were egged on to break the interviewing rules set down by ‘The […]

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3 Creative Ideas to Upgrade Your Bog-Standard New Employee Orientation

The clock is ticking. It’s been a while – months, likely years. You are afraid to check. You know it […]

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3 Ways to Lose Your Top Expat Candidate and Flatline Your Recruitment Results

A Recruiter’s Tale of Expat Hiring Do you know this story? Your vacancy called for a search for talent beyond […]

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4 Common Bad HR Habits You Need to Swiftly Swap to Succeed

Serendipity strikes! Jumbo-sized coffee in hand – I was taking a break from putting the finishing touches on a client’s […]

The March Hare from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Photo taken at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

4 Curiously Relevant 15o Year Old Remedies for Flagging HR-led Communication

  Feeling the pressure to process more data and even more metrics? Weighed down with the burden of absorbing copious […]

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5 Smart HR Audit Keys to Unlock Premium Value

Internal HR Audit Series: Part 2 of 2 Last week I introduced the importance of carrying out your own internal […]

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Smart Strategies Used by Savvy Independent Entrepreneurs to Build Wildly Successful Businesses

5 HR Essentials Blog Series Pyjama-clad Solopreneur rapidly on the way to becoming the authority in your niche. Basement-based billionaire […]

Image by ALAMY of Helena Bonham-Carter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film

5 Useful Decision-making Tips to Make Sense from Nonsense

  Do you remember when you first discovered the stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?  “Alice in Wonderland”, “Through the […]

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7 Reasons to Download Your FREE Upgraded Role Profile Template

The HR Rabbit Hole’s most popular and reader-engaged blog post series to date is “how to transform your outdated Job […]

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Stressed by Outdated Job Descriptions?

  Honourable members of the jury I present to you Exhibit A: THE JOB DESCRIPTION – Model #Gen. 1.0. Old School […]

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Are your Lackluster Training Sessions in Need of CPR?

You know how it happened.  You have been serving your audience one-dimensional uninspiring dishes of sameness with a lazy sideorder […]

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Avoid these Ruinous Rookie HR Mistakes to Achieve Leadership Credibility

Congratulations, freshly minted HR Leader. Your star has been rising as an individual contributor to the business’ HR function. Perhaps, […]

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Do You Want to Create Extraordinary Leading HR Value Every Day?

Last week our journey to the edge of HR ended on a cliff hanger. You did not even need to […]

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Do You Want to Know How to Become an HR Rule Breaker?

This is not the definitive guide to HR rule breaking. The very nature and act of ‘rule breaking’ means that […]

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Don’t Copy these Shockingly Lousy Leader Behaviours From Elite Football

My next statement is considered sacrilegious by 3.5 billion people. I am not a fan of football. I make no […]

Neglected House by Aquarius HR Consulting

Don’t Dilly Dally, Start Critical HR Improvements Today

Internal HR Audit Series: Part 1 of 2 Take a moment to honestly answer these questions. Are you ready? What’s […]

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Don’t Follow the Herd. Follow the Leader

   “Sometimes it’s okay not to take the lead, sometimes it’s okay to let someone else speak up and show […]

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Exposed! The Toxic Performance Improvement Plan Scandal

Extra! Extra! Read All About It… THE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PLAN SCANDAL EXPOSÉ. When I read about this dirty (but not-so-secret) […]

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Finally the Sun is Setting on Obsolete HR Practises

The Week that HR Rocked It’s been a long time coming…but it’s finally here. I’m thrilled to see where we […]

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Here is One Way HR Can Help Build Employer Brand Value

Do Names Have Power? The scene is the school playground. Do you remember this children’s rhyme? “Sticks and stones may […]

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Here’s How to Future-Proof You and Your Work Right Now

Can you see into the future?  The Millennial mind-set is disrupting the traditional work place.  Firmly held ideas about where, […]

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Try These Uncommonly Creative HR Ideas Today

The Journey Started with Leap It was Friday 13th – unlucky for some. But I was feeling elated and lucky. […]

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How I Overcome My Queasy Fear and Gave a 3 Minute Talk

This image captures how I felt at the prospect of giving a short talk. Urrrgh! I felt my stomach drop […]

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How To Be a HR Rule Breaker (for the risk-shy practitioner)

Let’s have a bit of fun. Do you have what it takes to be an original HR Rule Breaker? Want […]

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How to Boost your HR Credibility and Restore Your Swagger Today

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Have you read about HR in the media? In case you missed it. Here […]

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How to Break from the Usual and Revive Your Interview Process

Last week’s conversation starter in The HR Rabbit Hole focused on Why Candidate Stories Are Key to Improving Your Hiring […]

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How to Create a Thriving Great Work Culture

It is a balmy tropical Thursday evening in May. Men and women, dressed to the nines in serious style, milled […]

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How to Create an Extraordinarily Meaningful Tribe Manifesto

We continue our exploration of tactics we can use to win the battle against the stress of outdated Job Descriptions […]

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How to Embrace Obscurity to Achieve Your Goals

I am on holiday. No not in lush rain forest nor on Safari.  London, England is my ‘exotic’ location. I […]

Painting of the Dodo by Roelandt Savery image via the Natural History Museum, UK

HR Must Chart a New Course or Go the Way of the Dodo

  HR is in Trouble: Stormy Waters Ahead If the reports are to be believed the HR function is in […]

Creative HR copyright 2015

Inject a Shot of the Unusual in your Daily Routine and Instantly Boost Your Creative Mojo

My client needs a new recruitment package – a recruitment advert, selection material (interview questions and hiring process). No problem. […]

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Is Kindness the Ultimate Super Skill?

This particular voyage started on 27th June. It began with yet another deliberate tumble down the ultimate rabbit hole – […]

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My Blog Content Theft Shock was Actually an Astonishingly Valuable Learning Experience

The Recruitment Ad Job: Case Reopened On 11th January at 2.16pm Eastern Standard Time, I had a gut-wrenching, heart-squeezing, fury-inducing, […]

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Peculiar Business Combinations that (You Think) Mightn’t Work Well Together but Actually Do

Change your perspective Let’s start with a fun food exploration exercise. Take your time and consider each food pairing listed. […]

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Plug in Values and Supercharge your Employee Engagement

Where Can Your Organisation’s Values Be Found? a) Beautifully framed but gathering dust on the floor of the HR office; […]

"EMERGENCY-EXIT-SIGN-ENGLISH" by Andrikkos - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

Read Me and Discover When You Need to Exit a Deadwood Employee Pronto

5 HR Essentials Blog Series cont. Last week we talked about Pesky HR Costs. We ended a handy checklist of […]

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Recharge Your HR and Increase Your Contribution Value (Without Leaving Your Chair)

Some Smart Reasons to Travel to HR’s Edge Can you feel the El Niño winds blowing the new work-life-business reality […]

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Rediscover the Valuable Lost Art of Recruitment Selection Design

So here we are. You are at it again. It never stops. It is a need that is never satisfied. […]

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Start Creating the HR Experience Your Business Needs Today

I hope I’m not too late. I wanted to reach you early – before the last year’s left over projects […]


Start Creating the Transformation You Need Today

The journey started 6 months ago with an 8 minute “Woosah” My journey started 6 long months and 25 faraway […]

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Start Reading Your Way to Remarkable HR Today

Me? Read? Are You Crazy? I hear you cry – incredulous. I understand you are busy. I appreciate you are […]

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Start Your Unusually Creative Journey to HR’s Edge

Last week my sister asked me this question. “What exactly is a journey down The HR Rabbit Hole?” Before I […]

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Stop Sheep-like Compliance and Start Breaking the Rules Today

Folks! I am so over the current trend of HR-bashing! Human Resources, the bane of any creative or proactive organisation. […]

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Stop Stinky Communication Today to Leap from Ordinary to Extraordinary Results

5 HR Essentials Blog Series: The Final Post. Last week you got a crash course on how to tame the […]

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Is Demotivation Preventing You from Achieving your Goals?

  You started the year off with a bang. With your SMART objectives aligned with your reach-for-the-stars goals, you looked forward […]

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Team Work Sucks: Is Collaboration the Antidote?

Team Work Sucks! That was how we wrapped up last week’s post after beginning our exploration of Team Work vs. […]

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The 30 Minute 5 Step Daily Creativity Exercise

Creativity is a like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it will weaken, wither then finally waste away. In […]

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The End of the World as We Know it!

There is no way to avoid it.  We cannot help but feel the intense pace of change, instability and the […]

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Use This Steal-Worthy Persuasive Writing Technique And Convert Browsers into Quality Applicants

Forget a Hack. This is a Heist! Wait before you get all angsty don’t think dangerous and violent Hijacker; think […]


Transform from blah to cooking with gas!

Are you feeling the pressure to deliver results, find a fresh approach, make an impact, magic more from fewer resources, […]

DreamJobing™ partners with TOMS® for DreamJob Campaign: TOMS Global Giver

The Powerfully Magnetic Anatomy of a Recruitment Campaign that Rocks

The HR Rabbit Hole Hacks: DreamJobbing for TOMS’ Dream Job Recruitment Campaign Once in a while you encounter something that […]

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The Savvy HR’s Guide to Creating Remarkable Value

  HR’s Reality We are living and doing business in an era of rapid change that is revolutionising our understanding […]

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This is NOT another “Millennials-Decoded” Article

In this post I share a tale about the path to critical thinking and independent thought.  Let us briefly step […]

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Turn your Recruitment Marketing Activities from Blah to Irresistibly Effective

Does any of this sound familiar? The recruiting Manager sends a recruitment request to HR. This is followed by an […]

Zombie via Pixabay

Untrained Zombie Employees May be Leaving Your Valuable Customers Cold

5 HR Essentials Blog Series cont. Last week we agreed that carrying the wrong employees can sabotage your business. To […]

Image: Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots - Transformers 4

WANTED: Transformational Leader

Mission Brief Psst!  I am on a mission on behalf of a client. Client: “Find us a leader to open […]

An image showing direct comparisons between the Shakespeare of the Cobbe Portrait, the Chandos Portrait and the Droeshout Engraving.

What if Shakespeare were a Recruiter today?

You have done everything right so far in your recruitment campaign. Outdated Job Descriptions were ditched and you updated them […]

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Why Candidate Stories Are Key to Improving Your Hiring Process

Image source: Pixabay The Power of Storytelling Recruiters and HR Practitioners you may be in danger of sliding into comfortable […]

Aquarius HR rabbit

Why Team Work Sucks and How to Avoid the Brazil Effect

Last week I had a long overdue natter over coffee with a colleague who is the HR lead in an organisation […]

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Why You Need to Make HR Creative

Eight days ago I attended one of those gatherings. It was the kind of get-together where creative types and corporate […]

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Why You Need to Stop Hiring with Cookie Cutter Competencies

I’m baaack! So much has happened during The HR Rabbit Hole’s 2 week’ pause. I hardly know where to begin. […]

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Why You Need to Wean Yourself Off Being Busy

I am curious to know if you are happy with your work. And by happy, I mean this. Are you […]

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You Are Not Alone: Most People (in Business) Worry About Financial Horrors. Part 2 of 5: Pesky HR Costs

5 HR Essentials Blog Series cont. Last week we talked about Purpose Power; specifically how a clear purpose statement can […]