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1 Simple Daily Practise That Will Help You Boost Your Positivity

9 January 2017

Image source: Aquarius HR Consulting

Here we are again, right smack in the middle of the annual goal-setting frenzy and resolution-making madness.  How positive are you feeling right now? Are you on track with your goals or are you suffering a resolution fail?

I have long held the belief that New Year’s resolutions are more a sign of delirious optimism rather than a source of inspiration.

There, I have said it!

Resolutions are a sure fire way of resolving to self-sabotage, or bomb whatever I committed to do before the Christmas tree is taken down; the tinsel and the baubles are packed away for another year.  In my home that means by 6th January.

Instead I subscribe to the sentiment of this quote.

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” Hal Borland

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a ‘conscientious goals-objector’. I absolutely understand the value of setting goals. I even have a set myself.

But we know what can happen to “the best laid plans”. Even the super prepared can get wrong-footed by circumstances or events beyond their control. The word ‘rapid’ does not seem adequate to explain how quickly time and change moves today.

If you fail to meet that goal or achieve that resolution, what then?

  • Will you be laid low and give up?
  • Will you review and *unlearn-learn? * You can read more about this super skill here.
  • Are you able to pivot and press on?

The path to achieving your goals, answering your soul’s call or creating your purpose is not linear. Instead it is meandering road; smooth in places. But you are guaranteed to drop into unexpected potholes – murky depths unknown.

“It’s All About the Journey, Not the Destination”

You have heard this before – it is something of a cliché; but true nonetheless.  It is good to be goal-focussed. It is great to want to accomplish great things in life.

The key, however, is discovering a mindset that allows us to pursue big things whilst learning on the journey, building up a resilience to set-backs, taking time to appreciate the things that genuinely matter in life.

This is, of course, easier said than done. But not impossible.

My Eureka Moment! I stumbled across the idea of the Postivity Jar and customised it to help me stay on track and positive, even on the craziest days, weeks, months…

Quick and Simple Recipe: How to Make Your Own Positive Vibes

It is easy-peasy to do.

Step 1: Make Your Positivity Jar (Plain or decorative – your style, your choice)

You will need:

1 clean empty jam jar (other type – e.g. pickles etc.)

Glue or tape


Paper or labels

Beads, ribbons, glitter, trinkets, talismans – whatever you fancy to decorate your jar.

 Step 2: Find a Suitable Location for Your Positivity Jar

It is very important to position your Positivity Jar in a place where you can see it often; every day is better. Do this and you are well on your way to start making your own positivity vibes.

I carved out a little space for sanity in a 2 ½ inch diameter spot on the right hand top corner of my desk.

It stays on my desk, next to my laptop. Each time I look at it, I am reminded to drop a positive note in the jar.

From my seat, I am able to keep that sanctuary in plain sight. It helps me keep grip on what matters and have perspective. Like a shield, it protects against the dangerous forces of obsessive goal setting and the manic chase to meet stretching (unrealistic) targets.

 Step 3: Use Your Positivity Jar

 It is like catching fireflies in a jar.

Start by building your gratitude muscle with novel moments. Every day write down at least 3 new things (more and you are really on a roll) you are grateful for. This can be an image that inspires positive feelings or motivates you.

“the brain needs novelty, the brain continually needs to find NEW things to feel grateful about […] Like meditation, it’s not an event, it’s a practice.” Gapingvoid

From finding a parking spot on a busy street to winning a new client; from sharing a delicious meal with great friends to starting a new project that has your creativity firing; from a simple cup of coffee to a beautiful sunset, from a rock star moment to overcoming a setback – these are moments to be savoured and captured in your jar.

Your gratitude notes are a way of highlighting what is good, positive

Pop these captured moments into your jar immediately and start brewing your positivity vibes.

When you are feeling that energy-sucking demotivation, pull a few of the positivity notes from your jar and have a read.  It works for me.  A dose of positivity and perspective is sometimes all that is needed to push through and get back on track to achieving your goals.

Remember, you get the best results when you practise this daily.

 Start a Positivity Tradition

My 9 year old daughter has her own jar too. The practise of gratitude and positivity begins with yourself and at home.  On 2nd January, my daughter and I emptied our 2016 jar of notes, read each one and celebrated the blessings and the positive things that happened despite what was a testing year.

We start 2017 with an empty jar – ready to be filled with gratitude and positivity once again.

‘Notes from my 2016 Positivity Jar’ Image source: Aquarius HR Consulting

 Whether your goals are personal or professional, it is important find something that helps you to ride out the tough times and appreciate the journey.

“…there is nothing good or bad; but thinking makes it so.” Hamlet / Shakespeare.

  • What will you manifest in this year with your resolutions and goal setting?
  • What are you using to stay engaged, grateful and positive as you work towards achieving your goals?

Try the Positivity Jar or your own riff on it. Let me know how it is working for you. Share pictures of your decorated jar too.

Wishing you buckets of positive vibes as you journey through 2017.

Share this positive vibes post with your circle. It could be just what they need to read today.  Thank you – I really appreciate you.

Until we meet again down The HR Rabbit Hole…

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