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Aquarius is NOT Your Grandmother’s Personnel!

This is the place where Creative HR specialists help independent-minded folk who dream of stepping into their personal flow zone or building remarkable, successful businesses with people at the heart and soul of what they do.

We love working with HR professionals, solopreneurs, independents, startups and creative-minded businesses.   Is that you?

We help you cut through the blah, define your own script for success and get single-minded about creating a difference and making a positive impact.

Dreamers. Makers. Doers.

The Big Idea. We are on a quest to deconstruct traditional HR to help build remarkable businesses.

The mission is to re-imagine and apply creative and design thinking to conventional HR disciplines to help you get unstuck and transform from blah to cooking with gas.

We do HR differently by questioning commonly held wisdom, breaking a few rules and blending uncommon ideas with the best of established HR.

We are reimagining every traditional HR discipline to create magic at every human touch point.  Rickety and useless processes are banished, redesigned and transformed into opportunities to connect people to the heart of your business

We make HR creative to help you stand out from the herd. We delight in serving you creative and practical solutions to beat the everyday challenges blocking you from creating the life and business you want.

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Who is Nicole?

The short story … 


My name is Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon, Creative HR specialist and founder of Aquarius Human Resources Consulting Ltd. I am committed to doing HR differently. As champion of square pegs stuck in round holes, I don’t mind challenging commonly held ‘wisdom’ to do good and get results for my clients.

HR Sans Frontières

A passionate collaborator and cross-discipline adventurer, I forage in various subject areas and business disciplines in search of creative nuggets, uncommon connections and interesting talented people with whom to collaborate. From interiors and architecture (Moroccan, Caribbean and Vintage Coastal are my top picks!), to Food and Travel (think Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” and “No Reservations” ), even Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Art and the dark arts of Branding and Marketing – these rabbit hole journeys have led to the discovery of  interesting ideas and learning.