creative HR

NEWSFLASH! Missing Link Discovered!
We call it Creative HR.

What is it?

  • Creative HR inhabits the sweet spot at the intersection of HR, Marketing and Communications; with a respectful hat tip to our friends in Public Relations.
  • Creative HR is a Mixologist’s delight of uncommon connections blended together in a cocktail of fresh ideas that tweak tradition and deliver results.
  • Creative HR is a collage of concepts and souvenirs from cross-discipline adventuring; brought together to form a one discipline approach for meaningful transformations and value through human connections.

Why do you need it?

When Creative HR is operationalised well, it adds power and delivers your organisation’s employer brand. Closely aligned with the company or consumer brand, your employer brand is your organisation’s image or reputation as understood and experienced by existing, potential and past employees.

Get it right and your organisation will:

  1. Become a magnet for talent.
  2. Attract employees who share an affinity with your company values.
  3. Get more from money and time spent on recruitment advertising.
  4. Reduce costly hiring mistakes.
  5. Build a population of motivated employees who produce results and interact with your customers, investors and each other in the right way.
  6. Grow an authentic, sustainable and profitable business.

Our Approach

At Aquarius, Creative HR is a multi-sensory approach which draws on the anything-is-possible style of creative design and marries it with the branding principles of  marketing and communications.

We start with understanding your employer brand thoroughly. This is the foundation on which we develop HR solutions tailored and relevant to our client needs.  Using tried and tested processes, we work with our clients to operationalise creative HR and implement agreed programmes in clear, measurable steps.



Contact us to find out more about more about how we can help you free the untapped power of your employer brand through Creative HR.